The following is a list of certifications I am involved with in some way (writing or reviewing curriculum, serving as faculty or otherwise).

  • CANA Crematory Operator Certification, Curriculum Development, Lead Faculty

  • ICCFA Cremation Arranger Training, Curriculum Development, Faculty

  • ICCFA Crematory Operator Training, Curriculum Development, Faculty

  • Canadian College of Funeral Service, Crematorium Apprenticeship Program, Faulty, Curriculum development

  • Kansas Funeral Director's Association Crematory Operator Certification Program, Curriculum Development, Instructor

  • Saskatchewan Crematoria Council, Curriculum Development, Educational Collateral, Instructor

  • Western Canada Cemetery Association, Curriculum Development, Instructor

  • British Columbia Funeral Association, Curriculum Development, Instructor

  • Ontario Association of Cemetery and Funeral Professionals, Instructor, Educational Collateral

  • Ontario Funeral Service Association, Curriculum Development, Education Collateral, Instructor

  • Atlantic Provinces Funeral Directors and Service Convention
    Curriculum Development, Education Collateral, Instructor


The following is a list of publications in which I have authored, contributed, written an article, essay or other editorial piece.

  • American Funeral Director Magazine

  • American Cemetery Magazine

  • Funeral Service Insider (publication of Kates Boylston Publishing)

  • The Cremationist (publication of the Cremation Association of North America)

  • The Funeral Chronicle

  • ICCFA Magazine (publication of the International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association

  • The Complete Cremation Handbook, Published by Kates Boylston Publishing and Sponsored by CANA

  • The Australian Funeral Director Magazine

  • The Dodge Magazine


Larry Stuart, Jr. is the Founder of Cremation Strategies and Consulting, and the former President of Crematory Manufacturing & Service, Inc., a leading manufacturer of technologically advanced cremation equipment.  Cremation Strategies and Consulting provides expert leadership, planning, organization, training, education, process improvement and strategic planning for the cremation profession. Larry is also a Certified Funeral Celebrant and believes that every life deserves to be honored in celebration remembrance. 

Larry is a graduate of Kent State University and is a former member on the Board of Directors of the Cremation Association of North America, and Editor in Chief of The Cremationist magazine, published by CANA.    Larry is also a Cremation Coach for the International Cemetery Cremation and Funeral Association as (ICCFA).  Larry is also a past member of the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) Exhibitor Advisory Committee and is currently a Trustee and President of the Executive Board of the NFDA Heritage Club. Larry is also a Certified Life Tribute Celebrant, certified by The Insight Institute. 

Throughout his experience Larry has seen first hand the negative impact that poor crematory maintenance and improper operating procedures can bring about.   Larry has spoken at numerous industry events and has conducted Crematory Operator Training classes across North America with a mission to advance the safety and efficiency of cremation facilities, the safety of their employees and to foster a more positively impact our community and our environment. 


The following is a list of associations or organizations for whom I've presented.

  • National Funeral Directors Association

  • Cremation Association of North America

  • International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association

  • Funeral Service Association of Canada

  • Ontario Association of Cemetery and Funeral Professionals

  • Ontario Funeral Service Association

  • Manitoba Funeral Service Association

  • Alberta Funeral Service Association

  • Western Canada Cemetery Association

  • Crematoria Council of Saskatchewan

  • Funeral Service Association of British Columbia

  • Atlantic Provinces Funeral Directors and Service Convention

  • Kansas Funeral Directors Association

  • New Hampshire Funeral Directors Association

  • Maine Funeral Directors Association

  • Arizona Funeral Cemetery & Cremation Association

  • Independent Funeral Directors of Virginia

  • Iowa Funeral Directors Association

  • Kates Boylston Publications (Publishers of American Funeral Director Magazine and American Cemetery & Cremation Magazine)

  • Stewart Enterprises

  • Mid-America College of Funeral Service

  • Dallas Institute of Funeral Service

  • Gupton-Jones College of Funeral Service

  • Kansas City Community College

  • Worsham College of Mortuary Science

  • University of Central Oklahoma Mortuary Science Program

  • The British Institute of Embalmers, NAD

  • The Dodge Company Sunshine Seminars


Tempero Ignis - For the Modern Cremationist


Fires of Change: A Comprehensive Examination of Cremation
by John B. Fritch, Ph.D. and J. Chandler Altieri, Ed.D.

The National Funeral Directors Association Certified Crematory Operator classroom manual

Model Cremation Law
Cremation Association of North America