CMS after 20 years! (New Advertising Campaign Sneak Peek #1)

One of the many things I never realized would happen with CMS when we decided to re-brand last year was a serious and clear cut purpose beyond the obvious. Sure, we sell equipment, we manufacture equipment and we fix equipment. And we do it well. Awesome. But what we have also concretely defined is our resposibility for so much more. As a company that manufactures highly engineered pressurized gas-fueled combustion equipment and actively participates in, and benefits from, the funeral and death care profession, we are acutely responsible for the safety of our clients, the safety of our environment, and to the public and its perception of cremation—a desired but so often misunderstood process and we kind of want to brag about this!   

One of the ways CMS intends to accomplish this is to feature an entirely new advertising campaign for 2015 that is like nothing we have ever seen before. Sure, ads are designed to sell products and services and we sure hope our new campaign will do that, but we also want to let the world know who we are and what we are about and why we are so darn excited to be a part of what I believe is a complete reestablishment and renewal of the funeral profession. Cremation is exploding and things are changing so fast that it's really a challenge sometimes to keep up. Breaking things down to the basics and re-evaluating exactly what you are doing and why can be the first step to greatness in anything you do!




Sometimes, things just work. There’s no reason to ‘fix it’ or ‘improve it’…..unless it actually needs to be fixed or improved. 

One of the easiest pitfalls companies fall into in their quest for innovation is to, well, "innovate". Or, perhaps, over-innovate. The easiest way to find ‘innovation’? Look at what already exists and change it. The issue here is that that's often not innovation. It’s just adding complexity to something simple that has worked just fine. Technology should cultivate progress, period.

We look at improvements in technology not just by the number of features, but by a bunch of other factors. Are we increasing efficiency? Are we reducing time? Are we truly offering an overall improvement? Sometimes, adding a feature results in a product that has an added feature….not a product that truly is a game changer. 

Sundials tell time. If you need to know what time it is, you can tell from a sundial, just like our ancestors thousands of years ago. You want precise, exact time? Well, go for a watch. You want fancy, beautiful AND precise time telling? Go for a Rolex.

What we’re saying in this ad is that when we develop products, and when we keep products, it’s because they work…..and because they work well. We have a fully equipped engineering lab on-site, a working crematory of our own where we test. We may not have a major update each year and we are definitely not churning out new products each year….but we are constantly testing, and developing.

The sundial is our way of honoring this concept, and trying to express that to you in a more artistic way. After all, design is a big component of what we do, too. We believe design should get out of the way—not even be noticed. Just like the sundial, the purpose is to tell the time… there’s not need for unnecessary elements that would simply play the role of distraction.