Is the public really that un-informed about cremation?


I just read the Dear Abby column titled "Readers Share Many Reasons for Choosing to Be Cremated" and I am frustrated. Not at Abby (she is pretty awesome!!) but at some of the reader responses. When it comes to our own death we really need to think—not only of our own wishes—but of the wishes of family and friends. THEY are the ones that are going to need healing after our death, not us. We are already dead so our healing is over. 

KIFFIN the pragmatist writes: 
First, due to modern technology, it is now possible to take a portion of one's cremains and turn them into diamondlike gems, one of which I'd like to leave to my dear mother-in-law to be.
What about what her mother-in-law to be thinks? What if the idea of wearing a gemstone made out of the cremated remains of Kiffin makes her nauseous? She continues: 
"Second, because of the proliferation of fine mini-urns—which may be used as jewelry—I intend to have a portion of my ashes distributed to a few of the women who have touched my life in various ways over the years."
OK seriously, how many of you reading this believe that those women will be thrilled by the idea that this woman thought of them highly enough to share her cremated remains with in a "mini-urn necklace"? How many of them even were approached about it? My guess is zero! Her last comment is the best:
"I feel it is not only my right but also my duty to avoid saddling others with the exorbitant costs of today's funeral extravaganzas." you have any clue what that diamond of yours is going to cost? 

KEEP IT NATURAL writes: "Cremation has a lot going for it. "Green burials" are becoming more popular. You can be wrapped in a shroud and buried in the ground. No chemicals, everything is biodegradable—ashes to ashes, dust to dust." 
OK Keep, cremation DOES have a lot going for it but "green burial" is not one of them! I am shaking my head.....

Read the rest of the reader responses here and don't forget the comment section below. It is so important for those of us in the death-care profession to educate and inform the public about cremation at every opportunity. No one else is going to do it right.