New Advertising Campaign Sneak Peak #2!

Shake our Hand!

The imagery in our "Service Partnership" ad plays off the cliche of the handshake ad without being the same thing that everyone has seen.

There is good juice in that image, though, because everyone understands it. There’s nothing more emblematic of a partnership than a handshake. It symbolizes trustworthiness, simplicity, integrity. It holds a certain amount of nostalgia, because these ideas harken back to a classic way of doing business. Likewise, when the arms attached to the handshake are suited, there is an implication of a high-level business transaction. With the suit ad, we are nodding to all of these same themes without using tired, old imagery.

With our suit ad, first and foremost you see that we are bright and fresh. No blurry backgrounds. No dull colors. Crisp. Clean. Detailed. We accomplish this by using a limited color palette and simple geometric shapes to create our image. This highlights the details and gives a separate nod to Balanced Engineering as well. 

So, with the associated themes that come from the old handshake ad, we point toward the simplicity and reliability of a partnership with CMS. With the style and color of the the suit image we use, we put these concepts through the unique lens of CMS. 

While all this is happening, by using a suit, we contrast and elevate the preconceptions of a service contract. What CMS offers is not a servicer contract with a mechanic. CMS offers a complete Service Partnership. One that doesn’t just involve the guy working on your cremator, but the entirety of CMS—from CEO to mechanic. 

I love this ad because it takes me back to something my father and founder of CMS, Larry Stuart Sr., instilled in my brother David and I since day one— "we hang our hats on our service."  We are anything but a company you never hear from after the sale. Service partnerships mean more than just taking care of the customer. It means being there when needed and anticipating those needs even before the customer knows about them. It means providing nothing less than 100% customer service even when it is because of something that we messed up. And of course, it means the best in materials and workmanship for every single repair.