The Scandinavians Develop the Next Best Thing in Tablet Technology!


This commercial from IKEA really brought home a dirty little secret I've been hiding. I'll admit it—I am addicted to unnecessary technology. When I wake up each and every morning after I escape from the dog's tongue attacks, I reach first for my glasses, turn off the alarm and then grab my iPad. I don't even watch the news on TV or read a newspaper anymore. There's an app for it all.  Even as a former avid reader of books (I think I almost broke the family finances with my Scholastic Book Club membership as a little boy. Yes, I was little once!) I don't read "real" books anymore. The iBook app is so convenient and the pages "flip" just like (sort of) a real book. Sure, I can't read it on the beach in the sun or see it wearing polarized sunglasses but hey, it makes me COOL!  

I should know better! One of my company's value statements is BALANCED ENGINEERING.  We design our equipment to be "just right" and not too much technology for the sake of being "cool". Why should our customers pay for stuff they just don't need? Just to be "COOL"!? It's not like we are controlling a Mars Rover at CMS; we are simply manufacturing equipment that will combust dead human and pet remains and their containers. You don't need a sledge hammer to push in a thumb tack!

So.....IKEA has inspired me to go back to "unlimited battery life" and "page flicking technology" and read a book-book! I am going to return to being the un-cool book geek I was born to be and only read books on my iPad when I absolutely need to be super impressive and hip.

Because that matters.